Friday, 15 December 2017


Evening all apologies for the delay in the post, but we've had a few days away, and I'm only just back.  So 

Well we booked for a few days at Center Parcs just to take a break from every day life, we seem to have been running full tilt for a while, so it was nice to stop and take stock a little.  Particularly at a time of year when things seem to be full on! 

Grateful for all the lovely festive lights there, we had snow on Sunday and were worried about our journey down, but thankfully whilst there was snow on the ground the roads were clear (another grateful, we aren't a country that fairs well in snowy weather let's be honest). 

The view over the lake was so picturesque and I loved the hint of blue sky

We had a proper wintery walk, hubby had insisted on me buying a coat before we went away and despite my protestations I can honestly say it was so warm and snuggly inside it that any wintery walks were pretty but I didn't get cold!  

Here we are on our walk.

Hubby insisted that a barbecue would be a good idea on the first night and just to prove that he is a man who sticks to his word here he is! 

Both said 17 year old and niece complained of how cold they were (despite heating and a log burning fire), but inventive as ever, they both found duvets and radiators to sort that out.  They are such great company and we all get along so well it's lovely to spend time together.  

Next up the pretty lights (they so remind me of the patronuses or is it patronusi from Harry Potter)

And the tree in the centre is stunning

The view out of our bedroom window was so pretty

I took my advent calendar away and enjoyed opening it each day

It was so cold midweek that the whole lake froze!

Hubby enjoyed trying out his new camera

We visited the real reindeer (and inadvertently got in the queue for meeting Santa - I had to laugh)

there were festive carriage rides - doesn't the carriage look pretty (we didn't partake, but I enjoyed seeing what people were doing).

Santa's elves washing made me smile

And we got a photo in front of the giant tree

My Mum came down for a couple of days and as you can see she is doing fab!

And my sister who enjoyed a short break away after lots of busy day and night shifts

My niece getting ready to go to play badminton put her hoodie on the wrong way around, which made us all giggle. 

And we had great fun playing badminton and table tennis (that was about as energetic as we got this week). 

I loved the Christmas cups in the coffee shop

We went to see the reindeers singing

and enjoyed the fireworks display (apologies for the lousy photo - I was too busy enjoying the fireworks). 

Me and hubby went back out for another evening walk and got some more light photos

Even the lights on the lamps looked fantastic. 

The giant tree in the day looks lovely but at night is off the chart, we stood taking photos and then grabbed a cup of hot mulled wine. 

I got this lovely photo

These two trying to look innocent but I know they are plotting they didn't get their Mischief 1 and 2 name tags for no reason! 

My niece all ready for a night out

And the fabulous napkin at the Italian we were eating at. 

We got a few late night shots under Nutmeg's display

and we had another coffee before setting off today and yet another Christmas cup!

Very grateful for a quick return journey home, for the lovely meal me and hubby went for this afternoon and for time to kick back and relax in the busy season. 

Fabulous news that my cousin and his lovely partner have had another little girl - thinking of you all James and Katy I hope you are all well and enjoying your new addition! 

I hope your week has been just as epic, if you fancy joining in (and apologies if you have already done it), then pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 8 December 2017


Morning all before I drag myself off for a shower, I thought I'd better do my rocking post because I was sooooooooooooo late last week.  So without further ado.

First up this beautiful morning shot I got, reminded me to enjoy the season when we get blue skies! 

Next up my first advent gift 

Which turned out to be 

Bacon butties on a weekend morning when we have loads to do, we normally grab breakfast and then don't eat until tea time

Finally finding the time to finish off all the parcels and cards that needed to be sent, I'm sure Royal Mail's profit margin will have gone up as a result!

We battled for much of the 1 December resolving the tree situation, I'd forgotten how difficult the lights were on these two main trees

As a result of this we ordered in on Friday night (and they kept us going through Saturday too). 

My second advent gift came in my favourite 12 x 12 size meaning scrapbook papers!

Look what I got

I popped to the local retail park at the weekend and as I was the passenger tried to get a shot of the tree in the middle - white with green baubles made me giggle!   the rest of the shot is appalling which also made me laugh!

On Saturday afternoon we walked around to the local church, they always have the outdoor nativity set up.

And we enjoyed the Christmas tree festival in the church, decorated by local groups both children and adult groups.  We get to vote for our favourite in each of the categories and enjoyed a wander around looking at all the decorations but also sitting and enjoying the peace and tranquility of this beautiful little church. 

A little nativity set up at the end of one of the pews

I liked the Baboushka tree telling us the story of Baboushka 

I also giggled at the angels, which all appeared to be lacking hair

the nativity set up in the centre of the altar table

And the silhouettes either side of the display showing the kings

and the shepherds

the trees really do look fantastic when you see them all together

And the beautiful stained glass window

We headed home then and enjoyed a couple of hours watching Wales versus South Africa Rugby match before collecting said 17 year old from work and then we wandered around to the Christmas craft fayre and Victorian market at the Community centre, it took an age as hubby is still really struggling with his back, we've found he can stand or lay but sitting is a no go at the moment which is rather worrying, plus his leg is still numb, which is another worry!

Day 3 

Brought some wooden elements and the saying made a perfect start to my journal for Christmas!

I played with some battery lights that we had left over and covered the window stars in them, they look OK if I'm honest. 

Mid week we had the trials and tribulations of finishing his college work (hand in day was yesterday).  Lots of my craft items got used, my double sided tape (including my red tape) are now somewhat depleted, my washi tape and my glue sticks! 

He worked his little socks off bless him

He sent us his 2D work in progress piece and asked us to guess the building - I guessed right at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield

Which became more apparent when he turned the picture

His 3-D piece proved entertaining as he kept adding to it (which involved paint flicking which meant I had to be aware when it came to the soft furnishings). 

Here is said piece complete, after extending the box.  The actual house has been made from card all by his fair hand, hours and hours and hours of hand cutting with a craft blade, initially it folded up, but once he'd sorted the box, he stuck everything in place to give it the rigidity it needed!

The very back layer was the inner elements of the house, predominantly floors and stair cases but I loved it.  

My niece also managed to finish her final piece, a wedding dress, I think she has done fabulously particularly considering she hasn't made any garments before she started the course in September. 

All made by her using her own pattern, I love the different fabrics she has used.

so that was my week there was also lots of work (as usual) including a couple of late nights and a couple of issues, but dwelling on the negative isn't what this post is about.  I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit.