Friday, 17 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday which means it is time for 

First up a happy from last Friday, when I was tucked up on sofa, with a streaming cold feeling very sorry for myself, I got this lovely photo of my Mum and sister at the cinema, out on a birthday treat, for my Mum it made me smile and for those asking how she is doing, she is doing grand at the moment, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers they are always needed.

Next up playing with photos on my phone I use an app called Pxlr which provides filters to add to photos, they had some fun temporary Valentines filters which I was more than happy to use! 

Saturday morning greeted me and I was still streaming, there has been a pronounced lack of crafting creativity recently, so I set to trying to make a dent on a pile of half done picture that I'd created for Christmas cards - this was my desk!

Hubby decided he want to get on and do something as well, so he set to putting in the quote on the wall that has been missing since we redecorated at the end of last year! 

On Saturday afternoon he brought home not one but two dozen red roses as an early valentine's gift - so I had fun photographing them and playing with more filters.

I promised said 16 year old I would make him a shepherd's pie for tea - one of his favourites, he polished off half on Saturday and the remainder on Sunday, it was fun to cook him the meal! 

Said 16 year old's doorstep sandwich - cutting bread made us giggle! 

The weekend six nations - fab stuff!  

Coming home from work early and finding sun on the front garden and the fact there was a sheltered spot for me to enjoy a coffee

Tuesday was hubby's birthday and my Mums, popped in to see Mum on the way home and then had a lovely evening with hubby enjoying an M&S Valentine's meal for two - the soundtrack by the way was hubby's new Disturbed album! 

We even managed a selfie!

Wednesday was a very long day at work - I didn't get home until 8.10pm so there aren't any photos or anything exciting to talk about for Wednesday. 

Thursday a day off, waiting for a parcel to be redelivered.  I stayed in PJ's didn't see the point in getting dressed.  Spent several hours of my first day off doing work - not sure how that works if I'm honest.

Parcel arrived about 11 - which serious upset the day as I'd psyched myself up for being stuck in all day.  

I attempted to finish off a few more Christmas cards, but I think I'd lost heart a little bit - so shockingly I did a scrapbook layout, now if only if I could find the foam dots I might actually be able to finish the layout! 

And my final positive for the week - said 16 year old coming home all enthused about the NCS project that he can apply for over the summer holidays.  I'd already had a brief discussion about it, but he was a little reluctant to join, however, a school assembly means he has come home all enthused and is signed up - Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you've all had a great week and that you've got some positive moments and silver linings to look back on. 

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Friday, 10 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday (again - already) and its time for 

First up on the list is 6 Nations Rugby, thankfully still covered by the freeview channels, it is a sign of February when 6 nations arrive and it always makes me happy as it usually means a little more crafting time! 

Hubby finishing off a second set of angel wings at the weekend, now to find them somewhere to live, they look fabulous, but the couple of places that we've tried up to now mean that they aren't quite right, so we shall continue our quest to find the perfect place for them. 

Catching up with my Mum, sister and niece last Friday, this time rather than garden centre we did shopping centre and enjoyed a chat over a cuppa at Starbucks putting the world to rights.  We then had a little mooch around the shops picking up things we needed, a fun time was had by all. 

Monday arrived all too soon and a day split between two jobs meant that I worked from home in the morning, the joys of a good workplace.  Meaning that I also managed to get in to see the Doctor again.  I walked around and enjoyed a rather brisk cold morning, I loved how pretty the world looked covered in frost, in the sunshine it was lovely, in the shade it was bitterly cold.  I enjoyed the walk nonetheless. 

A very wintry sun low in the sky on my way there. 

A favourite place to photograph of mine, I love seeing this tree in its different cycles through the year. 

And the sun peeping over the hillside was lovely! 

Oh I forgot to mention being evicted from our house at the weekend by said 16 year old. 

He wanted to ask a friend to be his prom date. 

He went to a lot of trouble to ask as you can see. 

You'll be pleased to know the answer was yes, they are really good friends and wanted to go together on this special occasion - which I think is mighty sweet! 

We were eventually told we could return to the house!  

Tuesday night saw me and hubby on a date night, we went to the cinema for the encore performance of The Tempest from the RSC.  It is such a strange play, the first part of which can be deemed tedious as it is so wordy!  I must admit to dosing in the first half (as did hubby), that's what a very busy day at work will do for you.  Thankfully the second half was much more lively and we'd had a coffee in the interval so the caffeine helped. 

We didn't get home until about 10.30pm - but both agreed it had been a lovely evening! 

They are doing the Rome season at the RSC so we might have to happen along and see another play later in the year. 

Thursday saw said 16 year old going to Science Live at the City Hall.  There were only 25 students that went, which is a shame because it was a chance to hear from scientists (including Professor Robert Winston) and hear from the exam boards about how to revise and hints and tips for the summer!   Said 16 year old came back very enthused and said it had been a good day! 

And that my people brings us to Friday, where I find myself looking at snowfall outside the window - not helpful when I have to get to my second job for a critical meeting with a grant funder - wish me luck! 

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Friday, 3 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday - the first Friday of February and it's time to see what's 

First up is my Mum, she is an amazing lady at the best of times, but she doesn't half make me chuckle, here she is in the butchers.  As she is watching her weight she wanted to know if they did chipolata sausages - as the butcher didn't have any she got him to make her some!  Like I said amazing! 

It was lovely to catch up with my sister, Mum and later on my niece last Friday.  We put the world to rights in the coffee shop before heading into the garden centre to have a wander.  We enjoyed smelling all the scents from the scented candles.  I'm not one for having them in the home, but enjoyed seeing if they did actually smell like freshly cut grass!

Here is the three of us outside in the garden, me and my sister having to bob down as my Mum is only 4 foot 10 inches! 

The gardens at the garden centre are beautiful, part of the historic gardens of Wentworth Woodhouse, I love gates and loved this one in particular

My Mum had a new coat and my sister tormented her by putting up her hood when I was trying to take a photo - hence the blurry shot we were laughing so much!

My Mum was not amused!

Eventually I did manage a decent one of them both

We spotted deer in their enclosure

And the first signs of spring - I love snowdrops! 

We giggled at this deer who appeared to have his head on backwards

And these two were being naughty when we got to the bear pit

I loved the tones on the day - really beautiful but so very very cold.

Saturday found us in Sheffield, searching for a new guitar for said 16 year old, there is a second hand music store that me and hubby had been in previously.  He found two he liked and finally picked one that fit the bill.

We spotted them taking down the Grosvenor Hotel which used to have the Wapentake club underneath, famous for all its rock music and an old haunt of hubbies, sad to see a landmark go. 

On our way back up we spotted a Chinese Dragon dance taking place as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations

At home I set up with plenty of paints with said 16 year old, he was working on his art book and I was working on my Wanderlust pages.

Here is one of my finally finished Wanderlust pages - it took long enough but I was happy once it was done. 

I received mail art from Donna

Tuesday I was on a course in Sheffield on Employment Law, it wasn't very interesting so I needed a good start to the day as it were, a strong coffee did the trick!

Wednesday I got home to fabulous post from the lovely Chris, I put out a plea recently on our group on UK Scrappers and on Facebook to see if anyone knew where I could buy reasonably sized fabric letters.  There were a few ideas but nothing that made me jump for joy as it were, until the very lovely Chris - yes that's the lady who sent  me the gorgeous journal before Christmas, sent me a message to say she had dies that were about the size I needed and could she send me some - so this fabulous parcel is those letters arriving including the negative which I'm sure said 16 year old will be able to use - Chris - thank you, you are a star! 

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week and looking forward to the weekend, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 

Friday, 27 January 2017


Morning all - and welcome to the 4th Rocking post of 2017, the weeks are already flying by - but then we are seriously busy so that's probably why.  I can't quite believe that we are approaching the end of January already - in fact this is the last January Rocking post because this time next week we will be into February - how did that happen! 

So last Friday I had a day off, now rather than racing around cleaning or cooking or sorting or well you get the drift I arranged to meet my sister and my Mum for a cuppa at the local garden centre.  It was fabulous to sit and chat and catch up if I'm honest and we were there a good few hours, putting the world to rights, catching up on news etc.  

Afterwards we went for a walk down the path towards the church.  The church is really disproportionate to the size of the village and neither my Mum or sister knew that there was another church in the village in an almost ruinous state.  So we walked and were pleased to find it (well what's left of it) open.  Apparently when the new church was built the roof was removed from the old church to force people to go to the new one.  Sad really but quite a significant piece of local history! 

Here are the three of us enjoying the bright sunshine! 

The weekend was busy as always, we ventured to the local shopping centre and then on to Hobbycraft and the Range for a meander.  Said 16 year old gearing up for his final art exam wanted to see how big the canvases go - don't ask! 

Anyway once home it was time for him to continue the artwork that he's been working on, inspired the street artist known as Phlegm. 

Here is said 16 year old rather busy! 

The rest of the weekend tottered on by, we caught up with "Taboo" on TV with the ever so lovely Tom Hardy - written by him and his Dad, so are up to date on that, it is proving a really brilliant weekend watch if I'm honest. 

Monday and off to work with what can only be described as a salad that I really wasn't looking forward to. 

Kale, fennel and apple salad in a vinaigrette dressing with chicken. 

Raw kale still makes me think it will taste pretty awful, but if truth be known it was mighty tasty and both me and hubby really enjoyed it.  

My Wanderlust class is proving just as much fun as I was hoping and last week's class had not one but three different art journal pages - although I'm not one for journalling at the moment, I'm enjoying the arting factor, so I just did some free writing with a calligraphy pen on this one. I still have the other two pages to finish, one was almost complete and then I ruined it with the words so it needs to be redone - just a bit of tweaking and I haven't started the final one!

Next up is the Tuesday disaster breakfast - apparently low carb - but like I said a disaster nonetheless and not particularly tasty - which left both me and hubby a little grumpy until lunchtime!  thankfully lunch was tasty which made up for this mess and yes I did have to leave it soaking otherwise it would have set like concrete!

Midweek the freezing temperatures outside meant that we thoroughly enjoyed the woodburning fire and hubby 'discovered' some hidden books in a drawer so we sat reading for the evening which was brilliant. 

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur, busy with work, busy evenings cooking and working out  - aka as screaming at the TV when he says work a bit harder! 

I hope your week has been fun and eventful, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, come back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 20 January 2017


Good Morning Lovely People 

Tis Friday - the 3rd Friday of January and time for my 

Well the time has come to actually start doing something about my New Year Resolutions, which means commencing on some healthier meals than we've been having previously!  Apologies in advance I apparently enjoy photographing food! 

So we really enjoyed the stuff peppers! 

We tried the protein pancakes and whilst they were OK, I really don't like artificial flavours so can't see us repeating this one if I'm honest 

My Mum, sister and niece popped over for a natter on Saturday afternoon, which was fabulous and the boys went to the shooting range, said 16 year old happy to get rid of some of this weeks stress - they came back quite happy and chipper!  Whilst us ladies put the world to rights which was brill. 

We had fun at the weekend making granola - the quantities were crazy and I was struggling to stir it, we even had to find a bigger pan out!  So grateful hubby gave me a hand, otherwise I might still be stood there trying to stir it! 

The salmon tea was fabulous though - so I have to thank Mr Wicks AKA The Body Coach for some pretty awesome meals this week, lets hope it actually makes a difference - you can take it from that note that I'm more than a little skeptical 

Sunday night me and hubby had a date night, unfortunately I'd started with weird dizzy spells.  The gig was a band called In Flames, then Disturbed and then Avenged Sevenfold, it has to be said that we are not a fan of Avenged and I bought the tickets purely on the back of hubby needing to see Disturbed (bucket list band).  So we toddled off for the gig. 

In Flames were interesting, I enjoyed the odd track so it was nice to hear new music. 

And Disturbed were amazing - I mean AMAZING - live, pyrotechnics, awesome singing, fabulous guitar work - what more could you want!

And they sang the Sound of Silence - which was breathtaking - I loved all the lit phones in the Stadium 

Said 16 year old cracking on with the art homework - which is extensive at the moment because he is on countdown to his exam.

He is also in the middle of mock exams which are mighty stressful, but he has a heads up of what is to come now.  I suppose I'm a little concerned that there are subjects that are still being taught the syllabus if I'm honest, whilst others are in full revision mode.  However, its telling when there has been a quality teaching gap which hopefully is raising the alarm bells for teachers so they can do something about it! 

I always love to see all the new year new me posts that filter down my news feed at the beginning of the year, in particular I love reading the 'word' of the year posts which always get me thinking. 

Not that I'm ever decisive enough to work out what my one word would be if I'm honest.  I think the odd time I've found a word - I've always presumed it could be misinterpreted so I've never voiced my one word as it were!

I think I like to live in the comfort zone that I'm in, I've often crept into that zone quite happy to plod along, but then occasionally I end up doing something outside the zone and realise that my happiness is sometimes an illusion that I've created so I don't have to make changes. 

I've been like this for a while, in particular I'm concerned about the long term health implications of not being fit and healthy.  But then I thought what would it mean in real terms if I was actually fit and healthy. 

I always loved making my own clothes when I was younger and being a little bit different (who wants to follow the crowd), in essence I'm no different now I just carry the marks and scars we all suffer as we wander through life, but I'm stronger and happier for the things I've learnt.  

I'm always grateful for the friends I've made, in particular a lot of my friends live inside the computer, I've never met them in person but feel I absolutely know them as a person and I think that is a fabulous way to be. 

So this year I don't have a word - I have a statement, it just so happened that a bold statement was required by the week 1 - Wanderlust course - so now I've even written the statement down. 

I don't for one moment think the external change will happen quickly, but I'm hoping I can make a real difference over a year and then rather than knowing who I am on the inside I can also reflect that on the outside 

So it's time for me to 

The rest of the week has wobbled along - dizzy spells have given me some grief, I've gone from it just being when I turn in bed, to it being occasionally when I put my boots on, or tip my head back too far.  So a call to the Doctor's yesterday meant I was sat in front of him within the hour and back home with a pack of tablets to alleviate the problem a little after that.

I actually enjoyed the walk around to the surgery - not too wobbly and I spotted favourite tree because it creates an awesome reference point for great photos, remembering it covered in snow a few years ago.

It was lovely to hear the birds singing and seeing them dart in and out of the hedges on the way back. 

I also saw a few of them eating the red berries from a shrub on the way back. 

Grateful that Docs are checking hubby out, the lung xray was clear - yay - but they want to just do a health MOT - cue weight loss and exercise regime! 

A phone call with my cousin was lovely, it is always great to touch base with people.

And a thank you card from another cousin was lovely to receive, we really must touch base more often! 

A letter from the hospital saying my mammogram was normal - always a positive - as we have a lot of history in the family I go for annual check ups in my 40's so they can keep an eye on me.

My final grateful this week, is the second part of the Wanderlust course, despite my reservations of letting go and painting and painting and painting - thus covering all the previous work up - I actually did find it pretty hard to stop with this one and I'm really happy with the result. 

The statement reads





And actually came from the beautiful gift I received from Chris on UK Scrappers who sent me a belated birthday gift in December, having spotted my pinterest boards on bullet journals.  There are little cards and statements throughout the book to stick in where I need them and this statement simply appeared, when I wasn't sure what I was going to put in the centre!

It seems strange to consider a time when art didn't feature in my life, I have never been a natural - put off at school at my utter inability to drawer a lifelike version of the bowl of fruit in front of me, I spent most art lessons, cleaning the stock room.  If only I had known then that the joy of art is simply the process itself, not the outcome and who the hell wants a drawing of a bowl of fruit anyway!  I wonder where art might have taken me without the constraints all those years ago.  

So for those of you that took art in school I envy you - but my question is - when was the last time you let go with your art and painted or drew something?  And if your excuse is you don't have the supplies - well that is what it is - just an excuse - so this week, why not find your creative side - you never know where it might lead! 

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