Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Morning all, well another blue skies day here, which pleases me no end.  So another three layouts this morning. 

First up a layout documenting some of the art we were involved in last year, some abandoned art pieces and peg weaving on a bright and breezy background. 

Next up the first time we ever managed to get said 15 year old to a sushi bar, he was more impressed with the desserts - well some of them! 

And finally, another shot from nieces 16th birthday last year, when they toddled off to play adventure golf, they had us giggling for quite some time! 

I've managed some more scrapping recently which I will be sharing soon, I hope you are having a fabulously arty scrapping day! 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Good morning, well I find myself on Tuesday and the sun is shining and there are definite blue skies at the moment, so we are off out in a moment to enjoy the day.  I hope you are making the most of it too! 

Three layouts to share this morning, first up a photo from the Members Garden Party at Chatsworth last year, we had a fabulous evening in the garden, enjoying the band, the food we had taken and the fireworks! 

Next up a photo of said 15 year old on his main hike when he went to Crookestone Barn last year as part of the team building for the Lesotho expedition.  I just remember how tired he was when he arrived back that weekend! 

And finally a photo of niece and her friend at their prom last year, I love love love, the natural pose of the two of them!  Utterly beautiful! 

I created all three layouts from a colour kit I put together inspired by a CSI post.  

I hope you are managing a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 5 February 2016


So here we are the first Friday in February and time to take stock and look back at the previous week! 

Time with my Mum last week, we only went shopping but it was great fun and we had a good few hours wandering and purchasing as we went.  Even stopping for a cuppa midway through out trip! 

So first up our trip out to the theatre last Friday, we went to see the Ladykillers at the local theatre just me and him.  We had a lovely few hours out, it was a strange play but fun nonetheless.  We are planning on having a date night every month - let's see if we manage it! 

Next up we managed a walk around the local dam and look at what we saw on our trip around - blossom - already - I can't quite believe that! 

Sunday saw me make a start (not a very good one) on a fabric journal that I'm working on with the theme of Shakespeare.  This first pages are based on Macbeth, I've started with grey material with applique stitched brickwork.  Then I've added a felt dagger dripping with blood, the tip of the dagger shaped as a love heart.  It's debatable as to whether Lady Macbeth did things out of love or the need for power - but it's February so I'll go with the love theme! 

Monday we were finding items for said 15 year old's next trip away - he's off to New York shortly with school - talk about a jet set life style!  We've been warned that it'll be very cold so we've had to make sure he's got the required items with it.  I'm technically trying to not over think it, I wasn't brilliant with him being so far away when he was off to Lesotho; I'm hoping now that he's contactable by text and whatsapp whilst he is away that it won't be quite as bad and it's nowhere near as long! 

And finally a mahoosive thank you to a fellow blogger, Annette, AKA Voodoo Vixen, who finding out about said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho and the fact I'm in the middle of scrapping the photos, asked if I would like some items she bought when she lived out in South Africa!  It was so lovely of her to offer and look at all the items she has sent, I was overwhelmed and said 15 year old was too.  So a big thank you to Annette, expect to see these items soon on a scrapbook layout! 

Now lovely people that's my bundle of grateful moments from the week. 

Why not do the same, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Morning all, well it's Thursday already and I'm sharing another three layouts this morning. 

First up said niece and her friend doing a mud run last year, I loved the photos they shared afterwards!

Then a Rob Ryan exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year, led to the next layout.  Using a couple of photos we took of his work, which is utterly amazing it has to be said! 

I love the whimsical statements that he makes in these pieces, the one about bunking off work and going to the seaside but not telling anybody always makes me smile! 

And finally sister, lil bro and Jess at a very wet Download last year, I don't know how they managed for the weekend I really don't! 

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day! 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Morning all, well it's a little dark and grey outside at the moment and the wind is still blustery, hoping for that to calm a little today.  Unfortunately I didn't make it to my craft table last night (sob), but I'm hoping I might make it there tonight - fingers and toes crossed.

Three more layouts this morning.  First up Mischief 1 and 2 last summer refusing to pose for the camera, thinking in their infinite wisdom that I wouldn't document it - wrong!  We were at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, enjoying a lovely walk when we stopped off for a rest! 

The shape is a piece of shaped paper I've had forever that I use as a template, I cut it out and matted on cream cardstock, layering up the elements and then finishing with stitching to make it pop!  

Next up water fight at the seaside for my niece's 16th birthday last year.  Despite being in the middle of their teens they had a fantastic time and had us rolling with laughter!  

The photos we took weren't of the best quality but I think the energy is clear in the photos for all to enjoy!  I used some Graphic 45 paper I got in a kit from Jen and mixed it with some bright yellow paper shaped in a wave form; you'd think this was down to being at the seaside you'd be wrong I just like using the wavy boards I got in my Secret Santa a couple of years ago! 

Then finally the addition of some stitching, if I can't find an embellishment that is just right for the layout, I fall back on hand stitching using my ample (although now diminishing) stash of cross stitch threads!

And finally another layout from the day, this documents two photos taken about 30 seconds apart.  The first one at the bottom has my sister and my niece's friend posing for the picture before tucking into their fish and chip lunch, but my niece not posing.  She commented on this so I took a second photo where said 15 year old had joined the photo and then three out of the four were too busy with lunch, with only my niece posing - the words I give up come to mind! 

It is a full on layout this one with a strong mix of papers, but I must admit I really enjoyed working with this colour scheme.  I added a bit of washi tape to it but that was about it!  Sometimes layouts don't need anything else! 

Have a happy scrapping day and thank you for popping by!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Morning all, well I'm sharing the layout I created of my niece ready for her prom at school last year, how stunning does she look!

I kept the layout simple as I wanted to attract the eye to the main photograph, I double matted the photo, varying the depth of the mat which I think works quite well!

Next up my brother and sister at my niece's 16th birthday - she decided she wanted a seaside day, which is exactly what we had! 

and finally a shot taken by hubby last spring, we had a warm sunny day and said 15 year old decided to sunbathe - words fail me! 

I hope you are off to a flying start on the scrapping front in February! 

Friday, 29 January 2016


Good morning - it is Friday - time to count those blessings, silver linings and positives from the week! 

OK so meeting up with my old boss for a natter last Friday was fab, haven't seen him for ages so we had loads to catch up on and he brought me a belated Christmas gift in the form of a two jars of honey from his first batch from his hives and it has to be said having now tried it that it's amazing!

Saturday brought a meander up to Sheffield to meet with my brother and his girlfriend, we were going to check out a free screen printing session but the deli where it was being held was mighty full so we checked it out from outside and then had a wander to the market.  It was lovely to catch up and have a proper natter!  Said 15 year old had gone to the cinema with friends so he had a lovely afternoon also. 

Another grateful was said 15 year old making his way home (it's a fair trek) on his own but keeping us informed as to where he was etc. 

Sunday was a Winter walk with hubby and we stopped for a cuppa at the end! 

And here is said cuppa - actually it filled the cup 2.5 times which after the walk was very much appreciated and yes despite it being rather damp out, we sat outside to enjoy the fresh air a little bit longer! 

Then my new gadget that I have a slight obsession with at the moment, we have become the family of fitbits and this was me achieving the daily goal, however, it has to be said it is the only time this week that I've actually managed that, which shows me part of the reason why I'm carrying too much weight at the moment!  

Tuesday said 15 year old had his first hospital appointment - not for anything too serious, but glad the hospital are being practical and getting things sorted.  He'll be on tablets for a short spell but this should resolve things, so grateful for the NHS and our Doctor being sensible and referring him! 

Wednesday was lovely as we grabbed last minute a couple of games of bowling with some family, it was a little rowdy with the music blaring but it was a happy couple of hours, chatting and catching up!  

Thursday came and went in the blink of an eye and here we are on Thursday evening with another week gone, did I mention the next Rocking post will be in February we'll be getting the Christmas decs back out at this rate! 

I hope you've all had a fabulous week and have some positive silver linings to look back on, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back link up and I shall come and visit, don't forget to leave a message to prompt me - brain like a sieve these days!