Saturday, 19 April 2014


Good morning, well it's Saturday morning and I thought no finer way to start it than to share more layouts.

Both of these were inspired by the sketches the counterfeit blog design team shared recently. Now I've had the paper in the background forever and never thought it would get used up, it was part of a blue paper pack which I loved so much I ended up with two packs, but there were a couple of pieces in the pack that I struggled to use, strangely enough when I came to putting this layout together I found it easy!

I hand cut the tags out of spare items in the kit and used up some of the metal brad type things in the top of each one, I don't have the tool to actually put these  through properly so tend to use a hole punch to make a hole big enough and then I used a little hammer on the back to flatten the pins.  

A couple of hand stitched buttons and it was coming along.  I used a circular die as a template to punch holes around and did a circle of stitching on the bottom right and then I wrote the journal above that stitching and on the left hand side. 

The picture is of Aslan from the Narnia tales and was at Chatsworth last year in their Narnia themed Christmas event.  The actual item had little mechanical mice biting at the ropes as well as Aslan appearing to breath.  

This sketch came from the guest designer Maggie this is the sketch and this is the original design source if you click here

Next up a layout  shared by Jemma which comes from the Kaisercraft Saturday Sketch challenge - which can be found here

The photo documents our first visit to Coventry Cathedral, I wanted to see the statue on the outside of St Michael and the Devil for an age and as we were holidaying nearby it seemed like the perfect time.  We took plenty of photos of the statue and I have in fact up to now scrapbooked two photos of it, one with me and said 13 year old in front of it and the other of just the statue.

This is the sketch in question, I loved the swirly title element on the sketch but was feeling lazy so I hand drew the word on my layout and then punched holes and stitched it and overall I'm quite pleased with it!

I've loved all the layouts shared on the blog post over on the counterfeit kit team - if you want to have a nosey yourself click here 

Friday, 18 April 2014


Morning all, well it's 7 days since I last stopped and took stock of all the positive grateful moments that have occurred - so time to do it again...

First up sunshine - definitely a positive at the moment, I love sunshine and blue skies and dry days I prefer them when I'm not actually working mind!

The week has been another steep learning curve in my new job but that's good too, I'm learning and sorting, sorting and learning - nothing finer.

My sister babysitting for us last Friday so we could go out and be a couple rather than Mum and Dad if you know what I mean.  We went shopping first up for some new walking shoes for hubby and then we went and enjoyed Spanish Tapas, it was lovely just spending time, chatting, eating and enjoying each others company.

We drove home parked the car and wandered around to the local pub for a beer, which was nice, then came back and sat up nattering with my sister and my niece and said 13 year old for a bit.  Twas lovely having a natter if I'm honest.

Then Saturday we ventured up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, we haven't been for a bit, which meant there were loads of new sculptures - bliss - I love this place, it's free to visit and costs for the parking only which I think was £8, so four of us had a great morning wandering and enjoying the fresh air, we even stopped and shared a slice of cake and had a cuppa!

Here are some of the fabulous sculptures we got to see

I loved the fact you could photograph in the underground gallery they don't normally allow it - so it made a pleasant change!

Despite the amazing wood sculptures my favourite were the textile framed pieces!

This photo makes me giggle look at the ridiculous layers I'm wearing!

I love the new bird boxes they've got too!

And the lace bronze sculpture on the way in, apparently it is lit from the inside with a soft light which you can see glowing at night.

Next up - the local leisure centre and their school holiday club, meant said 13 year old spent two action packed days (he was shattered when he got home) their whilst I worked, these things are really essential for a working Mum and this particular one isn't overpriced!

Hubby taking a day off whilst I was working meant that said 13 year old could have a lie in!

And that might lovely people is this weeks list.  I'm hoping for a busy weekend of it, getting on and having some fun family times - should be fun.

I hope your week has been similarly brilliant and enjoyable and that you too have plenty of grateful moments to remember.

If you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, come back, link up and we will come and visit!  Don't forget to leave a comment!

I'll leave you with two further CKCB layouts, this one is a sketch challenge set by Susan, over on the Me and Mine blog - click here to read the post and see the sketch! 

and this one is a rather 'whimsical' page, it's really pale but the "together always" statement that I used to embellish the page, had a black line running around it and I decided to tie the page in by adding some to my layout, not sure it worked overall, but I love the photo bomb piccie of said 13 year old, another natural picture of him.  It's better than the posed for shots or the tongue out photos we seem to get all too often these days!

And that my lovely people is that

Mr Linky

Thursday, 17 April 2014


More counterfeit kit layouts this morning for you, yes layouts 15 and 16, now this month on the counterfeit blog they've mixed things up a bit including providing lots of sketch inspiration - now let it not be said that I turn down a decent sketch LOL!

The first layout was the one chosen by Stephanie her blog entry is here and this came from an original blog post with the original sketch here 

I really liked this sketch, it documents seeing James Arthur in concert earlier in the year, the photo is fairly poor as it was taken on a fairly old mobile phone, but it was good to document it so it appears in my scrapbooks!

and this is the sketch

The next layout was chosen by Leslie and this is the blog link with the sketch here 

This layout and more to the point this picture documents seeing Slava's Snow Show, at the very end of the show, these giant inflated balls were 'bounced' around the audience which is when we got this shot which I converted into an instagram photo.  Again it's good to document these activities even if the photos aren't great.  I used this photo for two reasons, firstly the photo is square (it's an instagram shot) and secondly because the circles behind the photo remind me of the ball in the photograph!

This is the sketch

There are loads more sketch inspiration over on the counterfeit kit blog and I've been making the most of them, I'll be sharing more of them later.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

CKCB KIT LAYOUTS 13 & 14 - Hello There and Book Love

Morning all, well I'm on a roll with this kit again, sharing layouts 13 and 14 for this month.

First up this one which I based on the scrapology sketch for this month.  Now the sketch is based on a gorgeous layout but no matter what I did I couldn't find the right photo, when I found this one I decided to rotate the sketch ninety degrees to achieve the overall look of the layout! 

Photo taken by said 13 year old last year and it's a shot I love of me and hubby.

The sketch is this one and hopefully if you click the sketch it will take you over to the scrapology blog (fingers and toes crossed I've done this right), where you can see other 'takes' on the sketch!

Next up photo of hubby looking through a book he found in a second hand bookstore in Alnwick last year, it was Dante's Inferno and was from the 1800's.  It had a hefty price tag but was pretty awesome it has to be said. However, hubby decided against buying it, something he has talked about frequently since that day I might add!

I used some 'ledger' paper as the size of the book reminded me of those old ledgers that you can find sometimes.  I then added a mix of tags and journal blocks and the hot air balloon to the layout.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hello well more layouts, I've loved this counterfeit kit up to now and I'm 'blending' different makes and styles of papers which I wouldn't normally associate with each other.

This first layout is an absolute favourite of mine, in fact it's on the front of my easel that I store my layouts on before they hit an album.

The 'birdie' line near the top of the layout is washi tape and the family memories element at the bottom is cut from another sheet that felt 'almost done'.  You know the ones where you look at the page and think if I add a photo that page is done.  Then proceed to not use it because in your eyes that isn't scrapbooking.  Well the way to use it is to cut up the component parts - that way it all gets used.  The counterfeit kit this month mentions using ruffles and I achieved that with some organza ribbon on the right hand side, you can just about make it out; it's the turquoise element.

The photo was as a result of a very giddy 13 year old photo-bombing his Dad's shots when we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park earlier in the year - had me in hysterics!

Next up this 'layout' had already been started by me when I put the kit together, I'd already done the cloud, turquoise and border element of the page but never completed with photos etc.  I add a couple of cut elements from the Papermania steam punk papers that they did (that's the balloons) a pre-made tag, cut a star for the journalling, added some vellum under the photo and stitched a couple of buttons on!  

The photo is yet another one where he was photo-bombing the shot but I got the picture from afar!  Like I said had us in hysterics and made for some really natural shots of said 13 year old! 

As I've mentioned previously I've had to replenish my kit this month as I 'ran out' of full sheets of paper, I've had great fun with it and still have plenty more pages as well as plenty more photos to go through!

Monday, 14 April 2014


Good morning all, well more counterfeit kit layouts to share this morning,  the two layouts this morning refer to our first 'encounter' with a harmonograph. When we went to a Christmas Fayre last year we bumped into one of hubbies cousins who asked if we'd seen the harmonograph which we hadn't so we ventured along for a better look.  A harmonograph is a Victorian form of spirograph, but the item moves rather than it being the individual that creates the pattern.  They do this using pendulums and it really is amazing to see.

Once we'd got our head around it said 13 year old asked if he could have a go and for a few pounds he was able to 'have' a go and also bring home the artwork - win win in my book.

In this first layout I chose to split the photo up, initially I cut it down as there was someone in the background of the photo, but by doing so I'd removed the critical item (the harmongraph), so I cropped the individual out and off set the photo and then split the other end - win win as it were.


As well as being part of the counterfeit kit, it is also the Stuck Sketch (click here for link) for this month too.  

This is the sketch in question 

The other layout I created linked with this event was this one, where you can see up close the harmonograph in action and the design that you can see being created is now sat in said 13 year old's bedroom! 

Apparently the company were looking at creating a kit so you could have a go at home - so we will definitely be watching this space!

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Morning all - tis Sunday and time for more counterfeit layouts.

First up a layout of my secret Santa gift as part of Carmen's Secret Santa last Christmas - I was the lucky recipient of a parcel from Carmen herself and I loved all of it!

The picture she did says "get off the internet and make something!" and sits next to my computer reminding me not to go over the top with internet time!   I got a fabulous celtic knot border punch (which has become a firm favourite of mind), chocolate, a mould, a chunky ATC to play with amongst other things - I loved all of it and felt it deserved a layout all of it's own! !

Next up is a ridiculously simply layout, my problem with 'elegant' papers is that I find it a struggle to blend other types of paper, I started this and felt it needed more but couldn't work out what, so decided to make it one with plenty of white space, I added the hand stitching.

Right peeps I shall leave you with that today.