Friday, 21 October 2016


Good Evening lovely people - so sorry for the delay today - it has been a rather bizarre and busy day and this is the first time I've had chance to sit and write about the last 7 days 

The first happy and grateful moment was a rather impromptu visit to the theatre last Friday night, a work friend had two tickets to go to see Cats at the local theatre and unfortunately she was unable to make use of the tickets, so offered them me and hubby.  She even sent them next day delivery to make sure we got them on time, so me and hubby had for a change a date night out. 

This is the only shot we got of the stage as technically you weren't allowed to take a photo of the stage, so its lopsided and has some random unknown people appearing in the same - but hey it can't be helped, in need of a photo for the occasion! 

We had a grand night out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the play! 

So it was rather a late night for us all, said 16 year old was quite happy blatting things on Xbox for the evening and he had goodies in to keep him entertained! 

Saturday night we had a completely different type of evening, this time in the form of Nickelback who were awesome as always.  It's more like a party than a gig and we had great seats.  Unfortunately the lady behind me had not only had a lot to drink but also proceeded to cough and sneeze all over me so that I got up on Sunday with what can only be described as the lurgy, as did said 16 year old and hubby - drat and double drat!!

We also enjoyed the support band, another rock band from Canada called Monster Truck 

Sunday found us wandering around Ikea, I love a good wander and I've never visited when they've had their Christmas items out.  I loved their little artificial trees in pots, they did the normal green ones and some white ones.  I didn't buy any, but I was mighty tempted. 

We enjoyed lunch as well which was fab and came home having had a lovely wander about!

I managed to catch up with my cousin, whom I mentioned recently, it was good to have a natter and a catch up! 

My Mum got the results from her scan - they don't think there is an issue, they'd like to do an MRI scan but that is dependent on whether they can due to metal in her foot (don't ask), so we shall see.  In the meantime she is trying to manage the dizzy spells she has been suffering! 

The week has been mighty busy as always, job juggling and I've decided to have a sort out at home, so chaos reigns all around, but that was a necessity as I'm off this next week and wanted to be as up to date as possible.  I'm not sure I managed it but I was hopefully close. 

I did however, have a lovely walk up to work from the main carpark, my new workplace has the most gorgeous trees around it (and squirrels).  Look at that gorgeous autumn colour! 

And I will leave you with a Friday giggle, said 16 year decided he was hungry on Friday and as the cupboards were bare I sent him to the local shop to grab something to eat whilst I was busy.  He came back with a single bap and a quarter of a pound of ham - which he proceeded to roll onto the bap and eat!   It made me smile! 

I hope you've all had a grand week and that there have been some positives and silver linings in your week. 

I doubt anyone will join in this week, I know Kate is away and I've already read Lisca's post and she didn't mention Rocking, so perhaps it will just be me this week, nevertheless, I hope you've had a great week.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Morning one and all - it is Friday once again so its time for 

I can't actually believe how ridiculously fast these weeks are going at the moment, truly leaping along at a merry old pace!  

A will warn you there is a significant lack of photos this week, its just been one of those - well weeks where you don't take photos! 

I had a long day at my third work place last Friday, a productive meeting and plan for future work, which was great.  Really enjoyed catching up with old workmates if I'm honest, always a welcoming office with lovely cups of tea - nothing finer! 

Saturday found said 16 year at school making a horror movie trailer in media, hubby dropped me off on the way to my Mum's and I had a lovely couple of hours catching up with my Mum and my sister, sadly I didn't get to touch base with my niece but hopefully I'll resolve that soon! 

I did get some good news about my cousin that I mentioned a few weeks ago who was undergoing tests - the results were negative - so she's got the all clear and we can all breathe again, your happy positive thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated. Do you fancy providing the same again, this time for my Mum (you'd think us lot were on a rota), she has been suffering dizzy do's as it were and so she's having to have some scans to rule things out.  With all the health issues she's had recently and trying to manage the cancer she has in her spine, we could really do with a degree of normality resuming if I'm honest, so if you can offer up a positive thought/prayer etc for her this week that would be awesome! 

Still lots of work on, so the days have been long with little creativity if I'm honest.  Although the little silver linings are always good. 

I enjoyed watching James Arthur on X factor at the weekend and whilst hubby utterly detests the programme it does allow me to not have to engage my brain if you know what I mean.  I've also enjoyed the first of the Landscape Artist of the Year, always based in some fantastic National Trust locations and I love to see the amateurs having a go as it were and there's the Great British Bake Off - another favourite for everyone here, but I always feel that I need cake after it - is that just me or does everyone feel like that! 

School photos were taken on Monday (they only take one in the first and last year), so I'm really giddy to see the difference as it were, not that I've seen any proof yet! 

We keep hearing the owls at night and sometimes in the morning when its still dark which is fantastic - not that we spot them very easily, although we did spot one on an aerial recently - although it was too dark to see other than its silhouette!  We also saw some fabulous birds of prey when we were out in the back garden - they were really high and there were loads of them!

I'm starting to think about Christmas now as I'm one of those that prefers to be organised and I've signed up for a couple of 'swaps' on UKScrappers, a stocking swap and an advent calendar swap so I need to make a start on buying for my swappee whose name I have for the advent calendar, but not the stocking yet! 

For those that have followed my blog for a while - can you believe its a year since said 16 year old went to Lesotho in South Africa!  I can't believe how quickly the year has gone - can you?

Due to the complete lack of photos, I will share a couple of layouts with you that I hopefully haven't shared before these were all taken, this time last year when me and hubby escaped for a week whilst said 16 year old away.

Our first visit to Gibside 

At Northumberlandia (can you see the ladies face on the hillside behind me)

And something that really sums this time of year up, hiking boots and crunchy colourful leaves!

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back and link up, leave a comment telling me you've linked so I can come and visit and let's celebrate the positive moments in life!

Friday, 7 October 2016


Good morning lovely people - it is most definitely Friday which means 

Oh its been a week of lots and lots of work - so I really don't have a huge amount to share with you boo hiss!  But hey this is about finding the little tiny silver linings when life is providing lemons as it were.

So we did venture out last weekend to a Charity event in town, a soapbox race in aid of the local children's hospice.  We got there not long after it started and wandered around admiring the effort and time people had put into these amazing creations. 

This one I already knew about as it was made by a friend's family! 

We managed to get a few 'action shots' 

This one had wooden wheels on it! 

It was brilliant watching them whizzing down the course and we really did have fun - it was also great to get out and have some fresh air, when you are office bound a lot of the week, you really appreciate just wandering around the park!  There was a noticeable difference in tree colour as we wandered too.

Eventually we got a bit cool so headed to the local cafe to warm up.  Said 16 year old met a friend from school and enjoyed the afternoon at the park!

Saturday evening we popped to the local supermarket and I was giddy to see these arrive!

Always a sign that autumn is upon us don't you think! 

The rest of the weekend was just tootling around the house sorting things out as you do when catching up from a busy week. 

Said 16 year old is actively embracing the revision sessions at school which is good to see and seems to have managed his stress levels this week with assessments quite well - which I'm glad to see he has two more assessments today.  Tomorrow he is in school for his media coursework - making a Horror Movie trailer of all things - hopefully all will go well I think there have been little clashes of artistic ideas in the group - lets hope they are now fully ironed out as it were!

Oh October arrived as well, as I can tell when looking out at a rather wet and overcast day.  

My journey to work on Monday morning made me smile, I approached a crossroads at the same time as a white van opposite, although I had right of way I just knew he was running a tight schedule so beckoned for him to go first despite there still being traffic to fight with, when he pulled out he blew me a kiss which made me laugh!  It's the little things sometimes.

We caught up on Lucifer on the Amazon fire stick which we are enjoying and watching Rosewood which is a great series, we also watched the final episode of Our Girl and the end of Happy Valley series one - gulp - some great TV though, even though some of it was a hard watch (Happy Valley and Our Girl in particular). 

I made a start on Christmas present buying, nothing major just click clicking away - my favourite type of buying it doesn't mean any stressful shop jostling! 

I'm enjoying my Book of You 

Image result for book of you

Hubby bought it me for my birthday and it goes with the app as it were, just simple little micro actions that make life more fun and manageable.  I loved it so much that I gave it to my boss who was leaving my first work place as a leaving gift together with other things and she also commented on what a great little book it is! 

I caught up with lil sis and niece last Friday evening - we put the world to right as we often do and caught up with our news, it was good to touch base, she is about to commence the first placement of her second year of her student nurse course.  I know from last year this means she becomes somewhat aloof with long days, long commutes and lots of uni work to contend with! 

And that my lovely people just about sums up my week this week, I hope yours has been a good one, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Remember When and Potions

Oh I am scraping the bottom of the barrel with layouts now - so very few left to share - argh! 

Anyway another two layouts from our trip to Harry Potter world - yes I'm nearly done and yes I eventually stopped and finished the album. 

This one of Aragog - reminded me that it looked terrifying on the screen, it was just as terrifying in hung on the wall! 

And this landscape shot of the potions lab, with the outfit of Professor Snape and of Professor Slughorn.

Both backgrounds used on these layouts were created using my gelli plate. 

I hope you are having a good week, October is feeling decidedly autumnal - don't you agree! 

Friday, 30 September 2016


Good morning lovely people tis Friday only one thing in this house - what's Rocking your World this Friday? 

Oh its been a bit of a mixed bag this week if I'm honest, first up well done to said 16 year old just getting on with his art homework, it is coming along nicely despite the fact it has changed quite a few times in its plan! 

I had a couple of great training days last week and felt like I was getting to grips with a subject I know little about - so that was definitely a positive! 

Next up - look at these - I was very naughty and bought all three - I couldn't help it! 

Next grateful said 16 year old has completed his course of tablets so no more having to remind him! 

Tuesday saw us out on a family meal, we had a lovely evening! 

Although we definitely ate too much, said 16 year old wasn't 100% but he managed the evening for which I'm grateful! 

And Sheffield treated us to pretty lights as we left it reminded me of Christmas!!!

The rest of the week has been something of a blur and I've managed nothing creative but maybe managing 3 jobs and something creative might be a tall order if you know what I mean! 

I know I've a cousin who is currently undergoing some hospital tests, I've messaged her a few times but currently no answer and I know her brother reads my blog regularly - tell her I'm here when she needs me and we are all thinking of her and sending her the biggest hugs XXXX

For those out there that read this - if you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers that would be lovely

I have enjoyed snuggles at night, we had a fabulous walk last sunday - but hubby took the photos on his phone as mine was on charge so I don't have those to share. 

We had a letter from school that was definitely a positive - the news couldn't have come soon enough! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Monday, 26 September 2016


Good morning lovely people it has been a mighty long time since I last posted anything - apologies let us just say life is truly getting in the way. 

I managed to scrapbook the couple of professional photos we had taken when we were down at Harry Potter world 

The first the one on the train set

And the second in the flying car - said 16 year old didn't feel the need to ride a broomstick but was quite happy to be sat in the Ford Anglia with us! 

The mornings are drawing in and the evenings and there is a decidedly cool chill to the morning today - I hope you had a splendid weekend! 

Friday, 23 September 2016


Good morning lovely people and we find ourselves once more at Friday - in the blink of an eye - time to reflect and find the positives and silver linings from the last seven days! 

Well first grateful is to Gina who shared a post about the Whispering Woods open air theatre at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and after a very hectic week overall and no creative outlet, this was just what I needed. 

So me and hubby headed up to YSP last Friday evening to enjoy the same (said 16 year old didn't fancy it) 

We found a new sculpture and grabbed a cuppa before the entertainment began

We were treated to a story and acrobatics in the trees using various equipment from silks to ropes! 

A torchlit meander around the sculpture park which looks so very different at night! 

We had such a lovely evening and it really was the icing on the cake meeting the lovely Gina who I knew through her blog 
that I happened across quite some time ago (we also got to meet her hubby and son). Gina is a fantastic story teller and crafter in her own right, to finally meet her in person - was quite simply awesome!  

Saturday was a busy day around the house, but the balance was to have a day out on Sunday - this time with my sister and my niece at Chatsworth exploring the Beyond Limit sculptures.

We managed to see all 19 of them, although there were a group of 3 that were very similar and loved all of them, we also enjoyed the company and the blue skies! 

So I thought I'd share the sculptures, I liked this one as the artist likes to work with the stone and bring out its natural characteristics 

I liked this - although the kids (said 16 year old and niece) weren't so keen

The sensory garden has this fantastic statue, showing the final embrace of two lovers before the male sets off to war - never to return - incredibly sad I'm sure you will agree.  I love how her windswept hair wraps itself around the soldier!

Said 16 year old was giddy to finally see this working, its a permanent water feature that every time he has gone has not been working, it closes up after filling with water, then the water pours out of the base and the flower opens before refilling! 

Here we are enjoying the water feature!

At the bottom of the cascade was this lovely sculpture - rather voluptuous I'm sure you'll agree!

Near the rock garden we found this creature - not sure I'm too keen

And then the fruit cake sculpture - although how that works when the bottom of it looks like pretzels I'm not sure

By this point said niece had demanded an ice cream - we gave her two warnings 
1 - Don't scream when approached by wasps
2 - Don't get it on the white (yes I repeat white) pinafore dress that she was wearing 

Well she managed the first one!  

Thankfully my sister had come fully prepared with anti bac gel and tissues so it was fairly easy to resolve but really - 17 year olds what can I say! 

I loved the contrast between the cupcake and the background, despite it being photo-bombed by strangers!

We were treated to the fantastic song of this beautiful little fellow!

Before going into the formal pond area and looking at the three similar sculptures, which are also seats (not that we could sit on them this time). 

Whilst we were around the pond we spotted dragonflies flying quickly around the same - thankfully hubby's photography skills were better than our feeble attempts on our phones! 

This was another sculpture - we think we've seen the artist's work before - it wasn't my favourite but I appreciated the vibrant colour! 

And then this - well the artist certainly had a sense of humour and before you ask it was about 10 feet tall and yes it is a gherkin

Catching up with my sister was fantastic

And exploring areas of the garden we don't normally get to was fun too

We walked past a pile of these beautiful redwood logs - isn't nature awesome

Before find this sculpture at the top of the hundred steps

And then discovering this tree and yes it was still alive!

We also saw this tree - can you see the lady - me and my sister spotted her straight away

and then hubby got inside the hollow tree and got this awesome shot!

We ventured up to the grotto garden and found this sculpture (which is not part of the Beyond Limits sculptures)

and neither is this awesome fellow!

We wandered over to the maze - which always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! 

Before heading over to this sculpture which reflects whatever is around it - which obviously included us, as well as showing what looked like a woodland display inside the doorway!

My favourite sculpture - named Tear - which I shared a few weeks ago

This was tai-chi arch 

And this one reminded us of something out of sci-fi film

The lady at the end of the lake

And the lake with the infinity symbol sculptures floating on the surface, some of them had been tipped up and there was the addition of a fishing rod and bird kite since we were last at Chatsworth - so we are assuming heavy birds have been landing on these floating sculptures and tipping them up

I loved how tear inverted the image more than once

And then the huge sculpture near the house, which apparently lights up at night - so we didn't really see it at its best during the day!

We got closer to the house than normal so took this shot

And that brought us back to the beginning

We were grateful for an easy trip down to Chatsworth and back and the great company in the day.

The rest of the week has been a blur of three jobs at the moment and multiple work sites but I had a good day on Monday training in York and then today training in Sheffield.  I'm grateful that hubby helped me get to relevant public transport to help sort these days out, I'm grateful for a working computer and I'm grateful I've got some ideas to fall back on when it comes to managing stress levels.

Gina asked me last week how I managed to fit everything in, I didn't realise that we did so much as it were - I thought everyone's lives were as crazy mad as ours - apparently not.  I think I'm scared of missing out on something before I get to the end of this ride called life - so for now I'll carry on full tilt ahead!

I hope you've had an awesome week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up (leave me a comment - brain like a sieve) and we can come and visit!