Friday, 20 April 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 16th of 2018

Good Morning lovely people 'tis Friday time for 

I started out thinking that we had had a quiet weekend, but had completed forgotten about our jaunt out to a couple of galleries on Saturday!  

First up though a Friday catch up with my sister and Mum, I had dropped said 17 year old off at his girlfriend's house as they were off out to cinema and said niece was at college so that just left the 3 of us.  We normally meet in the local garden centre and put the world to rights. 

Next up, me and hubby try and normally break the working week one of our new places to do that is Ikea (I know dangerous on the wallet), we didn't really buy anything last time we went but I was oooooooooh so tempted with this limited edition glass piece - isn't he cute!

I bought an Easter cactus Easter weekend and it was covered in tiny flower buds, but it refused to bloom - it has just decided to show it's flowers - how gorgeous is this! 

We went to the 'Hope is Strong' exhibition, unfortunately you couldn't take photos, but we enjoyed the wander around all the same.  Me and hubby were really interested to read the time line to the miners' strikes back in the 80's, I vaguely remember it being on the news but I didn't really get the impact it had or the history that was happening at the time (too young). 

We had slightly more luck in taking photos in Graves Gallery, I liked this piece of art

This piece of art had to be seen to be believed, it almost looked out of focus and was all created through paint, I loved the element of light coming from the windows. 

I also liked this three dimensional piece done by a local artist Su Blackwell, her work in paper is amazing, I'm sure she was the artists that did the book sculptures at Chatsworth at Christmas last year.

There are a few statements on the staircase to the gallery, which is also the main library.  Said 17 year old helped fill in the missing 'L'

I also love the 'Bluebird' installation in the centre of the stairwell, created out of woven paper yarn

It was even more impressive from underneath!

We popped to Ikea on our way back so we could grab some lunch and bumped into my cousin and her partner who were buying for their new house, they both looked fabulous and it was lovely to see them! 

Fast forward back home and hubby perfected a cappuccino with his coffee machine on Saturday afternoon, it was lovely I was really impressed (so much so we had 2!)

And we made the most of the dry weather allowing us to get a bit of gardening done, we wanted to get the hedge on the left cut before it got any more out of control. 

And we'd got some trellis to fix to the back of the planters. 

Sunday evening and said 17 year old was catching up with Britain's Got Talent, here he is showing us an act (the one with the tablecloths - if you saw it you will know what I mean), he was doubled up again watching it, which I found more amusing than the show! 

Wednesday was our 20th wedding anniversary - time literally does fly, it really does not seem like 20 years since we got married - crazy! 

I always loved this photo of us, hubby staring intently at me, we had such a fabulous day.  You'll see I was rocking a red haired look at the time, I'm naturally a brunette but the grey is too much hassle so I'm now an all out blonde!

And another favourite, lil bro and hubby. 

We had a lovely meal on Wednesday evening (albeit late as hubby was on a late). 

We've also been enjoying the sunshine and the garden which has been good whilst I'm taking stock of life.

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 15th of 2018

Good Morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

So first up was this lovely glut of magazines, sometimes you just want a good read, but not in book format, so you can imagine my delight when I managed to get several magazines to enjoy last Friday night and over the weekend.  

Next up my new solar lights in the garden, now did I intend on them looking like Christmas trees when we attached them to the back - nope - do I think they look like Christmas trees now - yep - have I considered buying a star for the top of each one - well what do you think! 

Next up a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a little primary source gathering for said 17 year old and his girlfriend!

First up Roger Hiorns piece of art known as 'Seizure' a bedsit flat from the Elephant and Castle area in London, encased in concrete filled with a chemical composition and copper sulphate, left, drained and left again to see the growth of these fantastic blue crystals.  Unlike when we first visited you are now allowed to take photos inside the tiny space - how fantastic does it look!

So very very blue

Next up the Revolt and Revolutions exhibition in the Bothy Galley, fitting nicely with said 17 year old and his girlfriend's final major project for year one, with the subject of 'Connections, protest and time'

I loved the mosaic safety pin

And the all white chess set was very powerful and thought provoking

The placards, which have provided several inspired art pieces by said 17 year old, this week since our visit

and this textile wall hanging by a local group of Chilean migrants, documenting their lives

Back outside we went to see the Alfredo Jaar exhibition, there were no photos allowed in the underground gallery but the piece outside around black sites was available to photograph. 

My soulmate being mischievous, he was hiding between the trees!

And then the main reason for the visit Chiharu Shiota - Beyond Time exhibition in the Chapel - simply breathtaking!

Me and him in a typical day out - can't really tell where we are but we are having fun - selfie

You could walk up to the balcony to see the installation even better

We all loved the piano it almost appeared like a sketch!

Said 17 year old trying to get the perfect shot!

Hubby got some shots with his camera too

And then back outside with Ai Wei Wei's Iron Tree

The waterfall was ferocious after all the rain we had had. 

So it was a fab weekend, despite it being very overcast and grey, it was good to spend time together and enjoy the great outdoors. 

The rest of the week has been something of a quiet affair if I'm honest, I've been just tootling over recent weeks, taking stock, making plans, adjusting life, it's just starting to come back into focus which is nice and I think I'm almost at the point where I can pick things back up and crack on. 

On Tuesday evening (I think it was Tuesday) I arrived home to a surprise delivery containing these beauties - who knew you could order flowers through the post.  They came as a farewell gift from my work colleagues and were very very unexpected.  They've made a lovely display in the window, some bright positive colour in Spring time which is just what we need. 

I also had a final meeting for a handover this week, trying to explain my job together with 20 year's experience in a 2 hour meeting proved - well impossible.  Hopefully I gave her enough heads up so she could make a dent on things.  For me it is time to move on and use my skills and knowledge in new ways.  I'm looking forward to a new challenge and to achieve a better work life balance.  For those that have picked up on my melancholy tone on this post over recent weeks, I apologise profusely it has been quite a tough few months, but sometimes it is time to let things go and this is one of those occasions, thank you for your thoughts, comments and patience I promise they will regain a more upbeat tone as things start to right themselves more. 

A fabulous parents' evening at college for said 17 year old, the boy done good, they are more than happy with the work he is creating and gave us a few pointers to help him on this front, but overall a great meeting with some really positive inspiring people. 

Other positives recently,  sitting and chatting on the bed with hubby, sometimes we go through life and seem to not connect, but when we sit and chat with a cuppa it really helps sort things out - one of my favourite things to do. 

Making some lovely homemade meals this week, salmon and panzanella last night was lovely and that my lovely people is your lot for this week, I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 6 April 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 14th of 2018

Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday so time for 

Well first up, was a bit of baking time, I was home alone and decided to make a couple of batches up, it's an easy recipe that I've used before and they are always light and fluffy! 

Next up has to be new 'toys'.  Me and hubby had chatted about the fact we needed to tidy up the back garden after the winter and talked about trying to clean up the front drive (it needs replacing, but funds aren't available so sprucing it up sounded like a plan) and we decided to invest in a pressure washer.  After reading lots of reviews we finally settled on one and here is said 17 year old utilising it when cleaning up the decks. 

We had a very productive day out in the garden, which was an absolute joy!

Then our first visit of the year to Chatsworth, this time with distant relations who were visiting the area.  We always love to see what they've done since we last went and noticed quite a few changes.

The painted hall is still as stunning as ever!

They've moved the veiled lady to the grotto, so you can actually see the entire statue - she is beautiful! 

They had a mirror opposite that I liked too!

I was amazed to find that she has a bun in her hair under the veil (I believe it is made of marble, it is so delicately sculpted)

There were a few new pieces dotted about including this crazy head

We could see the tiles in the oak panelled room, they look like mosaic but are standard sized tiles

And we were pleased to see they still have the backlit resin bench in the chapel.

Brain coral made me want to watch Labyrinth!

St Bartholomew's Exquisite Pain by Damien Hirst

A punk artist is in residence at Chatsworth and two vinyl capes have been added to the balcony of the painted hall

We found some looms in one of the bedrooms.  Because Chatsworth is celebrating the end of its 10 year restoration program, they are showing lots of artifacts that they've found in their endeavours as well as showing skills needed to keep the house preserved (hence the looms).  Me and said 17 year old had fun playing on one!

My favourite of the artist in residence piece was this piece of dress form

I also liked these on the table in the same room they reminded me of childhood sweets.

There were also some collage pieces using pictures from around the house.  I haven't done any collage for ages and this made me want to have another go.

The Georgiana portrait is back in its normal place.  

There were some cabinets with some of the crystals on display, we loved the Blue John cup.  Blue John is a form of fluorite that is only mined in the local area to Chatsworth (Castleton area).  It has a different colour tone to normal fluorite due to the other mineral deposits in the earth and is now quite rare (and very expensive).

Me and hubby both spotted this painting on our travels, I love how everything is white in the key components.

The library is stunning and always has a cool breeze coming out of it, it isn't a room you can enter but you can peer in, apparently it houses 17,000 books!

Opposite where the veiled lady used to be placed were these cylindrical pots.

And there were two more art in residence paintings in the last gallery, but I was least keen on these.

With it being an Easter weekend hubby had four days off, we'd spent the day in the garden (and on the front drive) on one day and managed to pop to Chatsworth on another, Sunday was a wash out (if I remember correctly), but you can imagine our surprise to get up to this on Monday morning! 

Completely mad! 

Thankfully it turned warmer later in the day and a good proportion of it had gone by the evening.  Said 17 year old's girlfriend managed to make it over which was good. 

The rest of the week has been quiet, I've been tootling and cleaning and tidying.  The plants we potted out before the snow seem to have recovered thankfully and the front drive is much brighter now for a good clean.  

We didn't manage a jaunt up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park due to the atrocious weather, but we are hoping to remedy that soon. 

I got a referral by the Doctor quite quickly on Tuesday and had my x-ray on Thursday, lets see if they can find out what the current issue is. 

I've been doing a fair bit of soul searching recently and have come to some decisions, I need to put other things into place but I'm slowly getting there.  

I hope you all had a splendid week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back, link up and comment so we can come and visit.