Friday, 24 October 2014


Good morning one and all, I find myself yet again faced with Friday - how does that happen, the week has been literally a blink and miss it if I'm honest.

So what positives have I got to reflect on this week?

Well time with hubby just having a wander again last week was fab, it's so nice to break the working week up with something to signify the weekend.

Grateful for a fabulous time at the theatre last weekend, we went to see 12th Night at the Crucible Theatre.  We love Shakespeare, it goes back to my school days if I'm honest and it's stuck ever since; so any local productions we can get to is a must if pennies will stretch.  This particular production was the English Touring Threatre - click here if you fancy learning more about the fab production!

Then Saturday night after a mad dash back from the theatre was a meet with with girls from school.  It's 12 years since we last managed a get together - 12 years - where does the time fly.  The lovely thing is that it's just like we saw each other at school yesterday when we meet up - no gap in time, apart from when you start mentioning the ages of our children.  It was a fab night, we had wine, giggles, laughter, Bernie found us a guitarist to serenade us (she managed this last time we went out - it was at an Italian last time).  We literally laughed until we cried and the cheeks on my face were aching from laughter within a very short space of time - it was lovely to see them all, we're hoping it won't be as long next time.  And here is the photographic evidence!

Next up Sunday lunch - it was lovely to throw something together with hubby last weekend and then really enjoy it!

Walks of an evening when we've managed to snatch them.

Said 14 year old cracking on with revision!

Said 14 year old for just being him.

The scaffolders for finally getting the scaffold up so we can get the ridge tiles and gutters sorted - it was supposed to happen in the summer - it didn't due to neighbours, but with lots of cajoling we are finally in the motions of getting things sorted.  I'm thinking about getting the aerial done at the same time to prevent us having to go back on their property - because I don't think they'd agree to it!

Well my lovely people that is my list, brief I know this week but that's the kind of week I've had.

Hope yours has been awesome, if you fancy joining in then blog, come back link up and I'll come and visit.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Morning all, well the week is galloping along at a merry old pace if I'm honest which is good, although a busy day stretches out in front of me at the moment.

This layout is one from a visit to Wenlock Priory, we'd visited it the year before when it was still covered in snow so it was nice to see it in some summer sunshine for a change.  I love these panoramic photos on layouts!

Next up 'using up' some scraps that I had remaining on my table, scrapping my Mum and sister who'd come over for a scrapping day - much fun was had by all!

Hope you are managing a happy scrapping day!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


How the weekends tend to speed up and Mondays appear only too quickly, so quickly so now I find myself on Tuesday!  It's a little bit cooler this week in Yorkshire if I'm honest, the winds over the weekend seem to have stripped a lot of the autumn colour from the trees so it's feeling properly like autumn now. Waking up at 6.30am to find it still dark isn't much fun either, but next weekend they give us back an hour that I've been missing since March so that will be nice!

So I'm going to share a layout I did utilising inspiration from UK Scrappers using Simple Recipes inspiration.  This one creates the confetti look utilising the eraser on the end of a pencil dabbed into an ink pad.

The photo was when we visited to Tar Tunnel at Ironbridge last year - you can tell it's over a year ago as said 14 year old is significantly shorter than the two of us, this year - not so much!

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!

Oh before you go I forgot to mention that I've done a guest post on The Weird Scissors this morning a Halloween inspired mini book (and layout), click here to have a nosey.  The Weird Scissors blog is fabulous and has loads of Halloween inspired posts, don't forget to check out all the other work they've done!

Friday, 17 October 2014


Good morning lovely people, it is Friday and once again it is time to reflect and identify the positives in the last 7 days because it's

First of all  hubby - just having time with him at the moment is lovely, we have the occasional hour wandering around the local shopping centre just window shopping and chatting.  We stopped off for a coffee last week and had a sit to watch the world go by - utter bliss.

Next up Saturday night's fire - twas fab - we haven't had many outdoor fires this year, but with the mild air last weekend and it not being too breezy we decided to sit out, have a fire, enjoy coffee and a brandy and watch the stars.

Next up is my solar lamps and the little tea light holders, I love love love my solar lights outside - I can't get enough of them - my favourites! 

This also meant two ticks on the Autumn Bucket list, one for stargazing and the other for the outdoor fire! 

Speaking of the Autumn bucket list we managed another two off this on Sunday - a visit to YSP and an Autumn walk, now we've seen most of the current exhibitions before, but that's not a problem as we love this place! 

But on top of the norm we found gorgeous spider's web

and gorgeous mists!

As you can see from these amazing photos!

And that is the mist 'evaporating' as the sun came out!

We've seen one of these at the Chatsworth, Beyond Limits exhibitions before!

Gorgeous autumn colours and the blue skies once the mist disappeared!

Gorgeous statues

Little guy next to the river

The only new sculpture we found - but we liked it a lot!

And said 14 year old enjoying using his Dad's camera tripod, he was astonished to find he too owns one when we arrived home and I went hunting for it!  He was certain he didn't!

Other positives have been hubby enjoying Titanfall on Xbox live (and said 14 year old for giving him a few pointers).  

A lovely salmon pasta bake made by me and hubby on Thursday evening.  

Coming home on Wednesday to find hubby had had a good clean through whilst he was off for the day.  Clean bathroom, tidy kitchen - fab stuff! 

Hubby for taking me and collecting me from work on Wednesday too, was nice just to chat on the way to work and have a bit of company for a change! 

And that my lovely people is my week, I hope yours has been beautiful and blessed and that you've got lots of gratefuls for your list.  If you fancy joining in then blog it, head back, link up and we will come and visit.  

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Good morning lovely people, I have two final (and I use that word loosely because I do have some leftovers from this kit!) layouts to share using the A Charmed Life - Simple Stories range from Wear Crafts - I know Jen has a few of the items left, so hope on over here and have a look if you fancy.

I used some plain blue cardstock and then offcuts and a frame on this one, hand stitching, a sticker and some journalling - sorted!  

The photo was taken of said 14 year old enjoying the bouldering when we visited High Force Water Fall in Teesdale - him and his Dad thoroughly enjoyed climbing over all the rocks for a better view (and because they can!)

And this one, using strips of paper, highlighted with glossy accents, two square photos, hand stitching and a foam mounted tag with the title 'It's a Charmed Life'.  Hidden journalling.

Photos taken on the beach near Souter Lighthouse, I can still hear that crashing wave noise in my head when I think about that day!

Hope you have a happy scrapping day!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Evening all

Crikey hasn't it turned cold, blinking freezing in Yorkshire tonight, well I didn't get around to posting the last couple of days so thought I'd put best foot forward tonight. Here was a quick layout created with off cuts.  

As you can see a bit of hand stitching a few photos from Raby castle, including the photo bomb one and it was soon done.  I love these project life style ones - so quick and easy to put together and a great way to use up 'bits' if you know what I mean! 

So is this the end of the kit you might ask (nope afraid not - still more to share!)  

If you fancy getting your paws on these gorgeous papers, rumour has it that Jen still has some available at Wear Crafts - so hope on over if you fancy a look! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Good morning lovely people, here we have another layout using the 'A charmed Life' bundle kit from Jen at Wear Crafts I've said it before this kit just keeps going on and on and on - fab stuff! 

An assortment of the papers, a bit of plain co-ordinating cardstock, hand stitching and glossy accents, using the large title and adding some hand journalling.  

Photo taken in the summer when we went off along the Wenlock Edge in Shropshire searching for a geo-cache, can't believe when I see these photos how much said 14 year old has grown this last year - crazy stuff!