Saturday, 28 November 2015


Morning all, well Saturday greets us a little grey and overcast and most definitely windy here in Yorkshire, what plans have you got for today?  

Us well a Christmas Craft Fayre and some Christmas trees may be in order, as well as pulling together supplies for my Journal Your Christmas - watch this space! 

I have two more layouts to share, the first of my niece when we were away on holiday earlier in the summer. 

Next up a photo taken at Harry Potter world from the Yule Ball - utterly beautiful 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

Friday, 27 November 2015


Well Friday greets us once more and it's that crazy day of the year where everyone heads out into those black friday sales, but this isn't about spending this is about positives and focusing on those because it's 

So this week has been another busy one and has literally flown by in the blink of an eye.  I've been treated to some of the prettiest sunsets and moon rises this week, I captured this rather poor photo the other day (the photo doesn't do it justice) of the moon as I arrived home - utterly beautiful! 

We headed out last weekend to a craft fayre (a very small craft fayre as it happened but good fun nonetheless).  On our walk up to the fayre I spotted this

I also grabbed this photo of others that were with me on the day, hubby, said 15 year old, Mum and sister

It rained whilst we were there and we'd decided to have a drink, my Mum found herself a perfect solution to the dilemma!

Sunday brought about the annual treat of creating the Christmas pudding as it was Stir it Up Sunday, here we all are having a stir and making that Christmas wish!

I also managed to make a start and complete the postable hugs, I bought the red heart cushions from a certain Swedish chain store for a £1 each as I wanted to alter them, I created a felt heart for the front, needle felting fibres and wool and other embellishments, machine stitching a smaller heart and adding the blanket stitching as a decorative stitch.  I've made 6 all together and am really pleased with the finished results.

The rest of the week has fair tripped by, we had a mini meltdown by said 15 year old about some course work, but with a bit of planning and emailing of teacher he managed to make some huge improvements and the impossible task is now much less daunting. 

Hubby and I attended a meeting at the Docs as well that went OK and hubby's workplace are being helpful on the stress front, I'm hoping this continues. 

I hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in then put a post together, pop back and link up leave a comment and I shall come and visit, it was lovely having a newbie join in last week - thank you Lisca, with our regulars Kate and Michelle joining in I managed to share 4 Rocking weeks - absolutely fantastic - you girls are awesome! 

I hope you all have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Morning lovely people, another couple of layouts from me this morning, this one taken at the Button Tin in my home town, this is based in the original indoor market that has been converted into retail shops, unfortunately it doesn't get the footfall it truly deserves given how beautiful it is! 

I had the chance to spend part of a day there with said 15 year old in the summer, learning how to make vintage flower brooches, we had a fabulous time there, it was like being in a time warp with the vintage music playing, hand sewing and surrounded by the most gorgeous items, Gemma who runs and owns the Button Tin was brilliant, giving us lots of help along the way and helping said 15 year old with his Art Textiles Work!

Next up those two on a walk recently, I think the title sums it up!  I really 'fought' with this layout, it really wasn't doing it for me, not sure why - perhaps the lack of a dark colour was frustrating me, I'm not sure, but I added the hearts and considered this one done, sometimes you just have to walk away from a layout! 

Hope the week is treating you well! 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Morning all, well the week is fair tripping along at the moment, which is good although lots to do.  A mix of three very different layouts this morning.  First up said 15 year old and niece checking out the stocks at Bamburgh Castle

A trip to Holy Island on our jaunt to Northumberland led to a stop off for a drink and a natter

And finally visiting Barter Books - a place you could lose yourself in every day with the amount of books there are to go at! 

Hope you have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Morning all, well I'm hoping my Tuesday is nicer to me than my Monday was, hope yours wasn't too tiresome! 

So three more layouts to share, first up niece, sister and said 15 year old at my Mum's in late September for an evening tea party, we enjoyed an outdoor fire, the photo isn't great in that said 15 year old is moving, but I love the natural smile of my sister and the natural beauty of my niece, isn't she pretty! 

Then the same three people at a family get together again back in September, I took loads of photos that night, most of which my sister and niece declared out loud that they didn't like, I'm hoping they are happy with this selection! 

And finally this one that was taken in a fit of giggles because we were trying to work out how my front facing camera worked on my phone, it kept flipping the photos and was driving us mad, hence the slightly mad smile plastered on my face! 

Hope you are having a grand week. 

Monday, 23 November 2015


Morning lovely people, well Yorkshire greets us - freezing cold this morning and yet again I find it is Monday and am unsure of who stole the weekend!  Good weekend overall considering where we were this time last week.  Had a lovely day yesterday, little bit of a catch up with family, got some Christmas items at a fayre and managed to make the Christmas pudding on stir it up Sunday!

First up a layout I did from the Beyond Limits sculptures at Chatsworth this one reminded us of a Jaume Plensa due to the lettering on the item, also managed to squeeze in the photo of me and hubby on the steps at Chatsworth, we had a fabulous evening when we went exploring! 

Next up my niece's 16th birthday - we went to Mablethorpe - she said she wanted to 'frolic' on the beach - hence the title - she has always loved the beach and being by the sea so it was a fabulous day out.  I loved this photo - taken by hubby from the promenade but there were quite a few 'obstacles' appearing in the same (people getting in the way that were completely unrelated to our party), thankfully with scrapbooking, you can use a few design elements to eliminate these out of the photos as it were to bring the eye back to the essential people on the photo!  

And the last one shows a sequence of photos caught with these two messing about in the kitchen playing 'sword fighting' with a carrot stick and vegetable peeler, they (and I) were in hysterics, love these two to the moon and back. 

So I hope Monday treats you well - have a great day! 

Saturday, 21 November 2015


Morning all, well I'm sharing three more layouts that I made recently, first up photo of niece, said 15 year old, Mum and sister at the end of September 

Next up a photo of the Tri-wizard cup from our venture to Harry Potter World

And finally first day at school, I've taken this same photo since he started school in the same place, hoping to do a merged photo next year on his last 'first day' to document the change in years - where does the time go! 

Hope you are all having a grand day!